Ehatare: Our Volunteer Program

Ehatare and The Estonian Relief Committee in Canada recognize that volunteers are one of our most valuable resources. Trained volunteers are used to assist and compliment staff in providing quality care and support to our residents and families.

Ehatare has an organized volunteer program in place. Screening, orientation, job-specific training and ongoing support and evaluation are some of the components of this program.

We are constantly recruiting and looking for new volunteers. We also encourage high school students who are looking to fulfill their 40 hours of community service to join our volunteer team.

If you are interested in volunteering at Ehatare, please contact our Activity Director to arrange a time that is convenient for you to come in. You will receive an application that needs to be filled out and returned. We also ask that all potential volunteers provide us with a clear Police Record Check. This is a safety precaution for our residents. These must be completed with the Police Service Offices where you reside.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Download the volunteer application form:


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